La Locanda del Carrubo Relais & Spa Hotel 5 Stelle – Mattinata


La Locanda del Carrubo has a health club of approximately 500 square meters with a:

  • small indoor pool with heated sea water
  • Jacuzzi for 8 persons
  • sauna
  • turkish bath
  • salt cave treatment with micronized Dead Sea salts
  • oriental massage parlor and Chromotherapy
  • relaxation area and herbal tea area
  • conventional massage cabin
  • small artificial beach
  • outdoor veranda overlooking the beautiful Gargano with a breathtaking panorama

A relaxing area dedicated to beneficial treatments, with individual and couple massages through the use of spices and medicinal herbs added to the particular oils of the Gargano. Revitalizing treatments that highlight the vital energy of the Gargano land. Water, Air, Sun a perfect balance achieved with the technical use of Carrubo Sky SPA well being techniques.


  • Balinese Massage- Individual– a combination of oriental techniques that reduces stress and it has a drainage and invigorating effect.
    50 mins cost € 60
  • Lomi Lomi Massage – Individual – the aim of this massage is to achieve psycho-physical well-being finding harmony with oneself and the surrounding environment. Used by the ancient Hawaiian shamans KA HUNA, which means “guardians of the secret”
    50 mins cost € 60
  • SKY SUN SET Massage – Individual and couple massage – relaxes, rebalances, stretches and invigorates
    costs € 70 – € 140 couple
  • Shiatsu Massage – acupressure treatment performed on energy points (areas based on individual needs)
    50 mins cost € 60
  • Manual therapy back, neck, bone gastrointestinal tract pain
    50 mins cost 70 euro
  • Total body relax & move Yoga for muscle warm up individual and couple massage – relieves stress, eases muscles tension, improves blood flow, promotes relaxation
    50 mins cost € 70 for individual massage – € 140 for couple massage
  • Sports Massage
    25/50 mins cost € 35/60
  • Detox Massage using essential oils for deep draining and purifying
    50 mins cost € 70
  • Feet reflexology Massage
    25 mins cost € 40

Body – Facials Treatment

  • Anti-Aging Facial Treatment LOVE YOUR SKIN
    50 mins includes preparation for the treatment (facial cleansing)
    cost € 80
  • Draining facial Massage for woman or man
    35 mins , cost € 50
  • Body olive oil moisturizer treatment (preparation for protection from the sun’s rays)
    50 mins, cost € 70
  • Cellulite treatment in specific areas (legs, hips, belly, arms)
    25 mins, cost € 55 per area

Aesthetic treatment on demand

  • Manicure – Pedicure
    cost € 40
  • Full leg or half leg wax
    cost € 40 – 60

We recommend to reserve treatments and massages when you book. Happy relaxation